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In Every Corner

The Power of Mission Partnerships


We've read the missionary biographies. We've been stirred by the command to make disciples of all nations. We know that we are the hands and feet of Jesus and we carry His message. We want to touch the world.

But we also know the risk of our well-intentioned missions efforts being sadly ineffective, if not downright detrimental to how God is already at work.

What if we were to join forces with other believers whose passions align with ours, and create a more powerful partnership?

In fact, that's what our movement's own international missions arm, EFCA ReachGlobal, is doing—encouraging multi-church partnerships in every corner of the globe: Haitians with Brazilians, Jordanians with Germans, Americans and Liberians with Congolese. No two such partnerships look the same, but together, they sure look a lot like Jesus.

What is a partnership?

EFCA ReachGlobal recognizes that no one partnership model suits all missions endeavors. Consider the possibilities:

A simple partnership … may be either one church or several that link up with a church or ministry in another country yet operate independently from each other.

A partnership network … is a group of churches that share resources and encourage one another but do not work together on the same projects and initiatives.

A consortium … is a type of partnership where multiple churches and/or organizations work together on shared projects and initiatives to accomplish a shared vision.

The missions consortium is the focus of this issue of EFCA Today.

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