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Tim Augustyn
Pastor of ministry resources, Unlocking the Bible (the media ministry of The Orchard EFC), Arlington Heights, Ill.
Man on the Run: Jonah 

Joseph Hellerman
Pastor, Oceanside Christian Fellowship (EFCA), El Segundo, Calif.; professor of New Testament, Talbot School of Theology
Embracing Shared Ministry: Power and status in the early church and why it matters today

Ronnie Martin and Ted Kluck
Lead pastor, Substance Church (EFCA), Ashland, Ohio
Finding God in the Dark: Faith, disappointment, and the struggle to believe

Matt Mitchell
Senior pastor, Lanse (Pa.) EFC
Resisting Gossip: Winning the war of the wagging tongue 

Harold Netland and Paul Knitter
Professor, philosophy of religion and intercultural studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; theological educator in Japan with ReachGlobal, 1984-1994
Can Only One Religion Be True?

Larry Osborne
Senior pastor, North Coast Church (EFCA), Vista, Calif.
Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret: Why serial innovators succeed where others fail

Lee J. Smith
Senior pastor, Community EFC, Shullsburg, Wis.
Reflections of a Small Town Pastor: Engaging in God’s mission in smaller places 

Steve Sorensen
Senior pastor, Pine Grove Christian Fellowship (EFCA),
Russell, Pa.
Growing Up With Guns  

Rick Thompson
Superintendent, Great Lakes District, and church consultant
Real Churches

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